Development bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) is a financial institution wholly owned by the Japanese government, established in October 2008 (established formerly as Japan Development Bank in 1951). DBJ has the provision of long term funding for main business and played an important role in Japanese economic growth for over 50 years.

DBJ’s purpose is to conduct business activities utilizing the methods of combining investments and financing and other sophisticated financial methodologies, thereby contributing to the smooth supply of funds to those who need long term business funds (for regions, economic revitalization, renewable energies, quality of life), as well as to the sophistication of financial functions.

The scope of DBJ’s business operations is the following :

  • DBJ has continued to offer distinctive financial services through its integrated investments and loans, and will fulfill four key roles in financial and capital markets as it addresses the changes that are expected to take place in the socioeconomic environment.

(1) Reinforcing the functions of financial and capital markets(long-term perspective, large amounts, integrated investments and loans, neutrality) (2) Supporting industrial restructuring

  • Industry restructuring and revitalization
  • Regional restructuring
  • Community infrastructure enhancement, other

(3) Providing financial support in growth fields

  • Support for growth industries (environment-related, healthcare, others)
  • Support for overseas development, promotion of financing for inbound business to Japan Technical sophistication, other

(4) Providing a safety net for financial markets

  • Crisis response financing
  • Investment pursuant to Act on Special Measure for Industrial Revitalization
  • DBJ raises funds in a stable manner by borrowing from the government’s Fiscal Investment and Loan Program (FILP) and by issuing government-guaranteed bonds, as well as corporate bonds (without government guarantees) and by taking out long term loans from the private sector.

At a glance :

  • President & CEO : Mr Hajime Watanabe
  • Sherpa : Mitsutaka Ozaki
  • Location : Tokyo
  • Website :

Who are we ?

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